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Occupy to Overcome!

We will not be silenced! We will occupy & overcome!

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DONATIONS will be used to pay for porta potty rentals, water needs, and support some food & supplies/gear costs.

Dunleavy's budget is threatening Alaskan lives now! Our government has failed the people.

Alaskans are coming together to use our collective power to build a movement in support of our community. We know that we, the people of Alaska, have the power. We will organize ourselves to create our own solutions, stand together, and support each other when our corrupt governor will not. Together, we will build the safe, fair, healthy, thriving community Alaskans deserve.

This occupation and support is necessary because Governor Dunleavy has decided to slash $444 million from the state operating budget, directly threatening Alaska communities, our friends, our families, our elders. These cuts pit Alaskans against each other-- rural vs urban, rich vs poor, homeless vs housed--all while putting oil companies and profits over the people of this state.

Governor Dunleavy’s attacks on our state and everyone who lives here are devastating, but this is not a new issue. It represents Alaska at its very worst now and throughout history, and we are fed up. Alaskans are taking a stand against our failed government and the influence of outside special interests. We will overcome and build the Alaska we know is possible.

WHAT TO BRING: Water to share, personal supplies, and snacks. Tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, extra clothing, additional medical supplies, hand sanitizer, wipes, etc. Any additional items to share or donate would be incredibly appreciated!

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Drugs, alcohol, or weapons - individuals experiencing homelessness already have bad stigmas applied to them regarding drugs and alcohol so it is important that this is an alcohol and drug free event.

SUPPORT: There will also be certain individuals identified at the start of the event to answer specific questions and to be liaisons with APD, the media, wellness, and logistics, as well as members of the Faith Community. The most important thing is that this remains peaceful and calm. We don't want aggression or negativity.